Worked Exercises for Lecture 2 and Interlude 2

I’ve posted the answers to the exercises in Lecture 2 (motion plus differential calculus) and Mathematical Interlude 2 (integral calculus) in our document repository.  The file is named “Exercises problemsB.pdf”.  I’ve done at least one problem from each set.  The pdf file is directly available here.

If you go to the bottom of the Resources page, you’ll find a link to a set of solutions posted by George Hrabovsky, the second author of our text.  (Thanks to Gladys for reminding me of this.)  I have trouble viewing his pdfs for unknown reasons and I’ve only hacked my way through a few of them.  You may have better luck than I did.

If you have questions or comments about either my solutions or Hrabovsky’s, be sure to raise them in class.

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