Assignment for Class 3, October 7, 2013

Last class we almost finished differential calculus.  In the next class (October 7), we will aim to

  1. finish differential calculus, covering the short topic of Composition Rules;
  2. discuss the kinematics of motion, that is, the quantities we use to specify the path an object takes in regular, physical space;
  3. discuss integral calculus, which is how we compute the area under a curve; and hopefully
  4. begin particle dynamics (the real beginning of physics), which comprises the rules that tell us how forces control motion.

Completing dynamics will take us through the end of Lecture 3 in the book (page 73 in the hardcopy version), so you should take a shot at reading that far.  We will still be in Susskind’s 2nd lecture.  If your time allows, viewing or reviewing that lecture should be helpful.

The next worked exercises will cover particle dynamics and partial differentiation.  I’ll try to have those posted by the next class time (October 7) or shortly after.

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